Wednesday, 26 August 2009

They are not the kids they used to be...

Just like old cheese or good wine mature over time, usually good bands follow suit. Alexisonfire seem to have done just that with their recent album 'Old Crows/Young Cardinals'. 

Being one of the few decent bands that Canada have churned out over the years, this fourth album is definitely going to secure their place on the musical map for years to come. This record has everything you'd expect from what I guess some people would label a post-hardcore band. The catchy tunes that you could imagine being in films or in certain video games which isn't always what a band is aiming for, but they have that infectious sound.

In regards to the band members, since Dallas Green (lead guitar/vocals) started his seperate band City and Colour, I couldn't imagine his voice getting any better, and with his outstanding harmonies on the song 'The Northern' he's really come into his own and doesn't ever seem to put a foot wrong on the entire record. Wade (guitar/lead vocals) isn't much of a shocker as his voice is very similar to their 2006 album 'Crisis', but I will say that on this album he does sound a lot more husky and sounds like he's really grown and his voice has grown with him.

There's only a slight problem with this album in that I think it sounds too similar to their previous album 'Crisis'. I've spotted one or two of the same riffs in certain songs and the drumming pattern is very similar, and as this was a very eagerly anticipated album by many fans, I'm sure they might agree. But I suppose they're aiming to give fans what they want, and as 'Crisis' was a fantastic album, the fans will be happy. Aside from that, It's definitely an album worth giving a listen.

Alexisonfire playing Leeds and Reading Festivals the weekend of the 29th / 30th August, then playing venues all over the UK in October. Get on down!

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