Thursday, 27 August 2009


As promised, a list of DVD's being released over the next couple of months.

Terminator Salvation 23/11/2009
The Fast and the Furious21/09/2009
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 19/10/2009
Night at the Museum 2 09/11/2009
Family Guy: Season 8 09/11/2009
The Damned United 31/08/2009
Angels and Demons 14/09/2009
Star Trek XI (collectors edition also available) 16/11/2009
24: Season 7 19/10/2009
The Boat That Rocked 07/09/2009
Drag Me To Hell 26/10/2009
House: Season 5 05/10/2009

Not really anything decent to report on the DVD front at the moment, considering the majority of films that have come out this year have been disappointing to say the least. Only decent film to come out this year in my opinion is The Watchmen, which came out on DVD a few weeks ago and I suggest everybody goes and buys it right now.

Until next time.

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