Wednesday, 9 September 2009

"Number 99. Just as I am"

From 5 young boys in New York with their magazines and mix tapes to 5 outstanding men known worldwide equipped with limousines and millstones, Brand New have come a long way since they were formed back in 2000, and they are now back with a brand new album and a brand new sound. After listening to the fourth album Daisy, they appear to be unstoppable.

Lead singer Jesse Lacey is on top form once more. Although, saying that, I don't recall a time when he's not been on top form. But with this album I think it's obvious the band have tried to go for the more controversial sound, and on some tracks, a very Country music orientated album. With songs like 'Be gone' and the vocals on 'Vices', they've veered away from the brand new everyone knows and loves, but I think everyone will still know and love them just the same.

This is by far my favourite album of 2009 but not quite my favourite Brand New album, as it doesn't measure up to their previous album 'Deja Entendu'. With that said, they still have outdone themselves on this record with a mixture of pop punk we all remember from 'Your Favourite Weapon' on songs like 'Gasoline' and the more emotional side with 'You Stole' which sounds an awful lot like a mix between 'Luca' and 'Jesus' from 'The Devil and God...'.

It has to be said, and it's been said many a time before about Brand New, this album is very dark and they've all clearly poured their hearts out onto this record. Definitely not the sort of thing you'd play at a frat party, or everyone would end up sitting in a corner worrying about the trials and tribulations of adult life. Also keeping in mind this album is about endings and moving on, it could be said that this may be the end of the band. But then it could also just be the clever lyrics fooling us as they've done so many times before. Needless to say, I, along with many others, hope this is not the end, but it would be fantastic way to go out.

I only have one negative thing to say about this album in that I don't think it's so much of a progression, more a regression. They could have done a better job by cutting out 'Be Gone' which I think is an unnecessary filler. In typical Brand New style, they've created an album that has split everyone with an opinion on their work straight down the middle. It's an album you have to listen to a few times, but after you do, I guarantee you will fall head over heels for it.

"When you're young and you start a band you think you'll record and go onstage and that's all there is, then suddenly someone wants to take your picture and ask your opinion on things, and you're excited, you're being paid attention to and you jump at that, looking back at it you realise it has nothing to do with why you started the band in the first place"    — Jesse Lacey in Rock Sound magazine

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  1. their previous album was the devil and god...

    nonetheless this is a good album and all of their albums are good music but in almost totally different genres or flavors of rock

  2. or maybe you just meant as a past album, maybe i read it wrong

  3. amazing
    lol i searched "number 99. Just as I am" and this popped up.. am in love with this revieww its the basic premise of brand new